PT Sinarkimia Utama., (SKU) is one of Indonesia's respected trading, chemical distributor and manufacturer of basic and specialty chemicals. Established in 1996, the Company now includes two offices in Jakarta and Surabaya, The Company portfolio includes 3 subsidiaries, with two manufacturing plants operating in Indonesia. 

With over 200 products of chemicals, SKU distributes chemicals to of over 2000 customers serving wide spectrum of Indonesian industries. If you’re looking for a specific product, please click on our Product link to view our range of chemicals.

As one of the private company groups who has obtained the challenge of under taking business in Indonesia, SKU try to further raise its performance professionalism and technology to offer utmost service to the business partners and customers in particular, and to support the country development in general.

SKU is and evolving company embracing change, understanding trends and anticipating opportunity.



"To become respected chemical trading company in the region which are able to give benefits to all of the stakeholders and employees"



1. Honoring innovation, professionalism, integrity, togetherness, and disipline.

2. To become an efficient company and has high competitiveness for products.

3. To make quality and services as priority for customer satisfaction.

4. Knowledgeable, skillful, and creative human resource.

5. Honoring business ethics. 

6. Business improvement base on skill and expertise.